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March 2017
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PostHeaderIcon Class Based WOW Professions Guide

What Professions Are The Best For Your WOW Character?

One of the big question all WOW players have is – What are the best Professions to take for the class I play?

In this Class Based WOW Professions Guide you will find an answer to that question and even more than that …

I have gathered the best Professions for each and every one of the WOW Classes – with explanation and expansion on the other WOW Professions in comparison to the first pick.

Now all you have to do is look at the page of your WOW Class and see – What is the best Professions to take for your class:

Warrior WOW Profession Guide

Warlock WOW Profession Guide

Shaman WOW Profession Guide

Rogue WOW Profession Guide

Paladin WOW Profession Guide

Priest WOW Profession Guide

Mage WOW Profession Guide

Hunter WOW Profession Guide

Druid WOW Profession Guide

Death Knight WOW Profession Guide

Dugis Ultimate World Of Warcraft Guide

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The new way to power level your World of Warcraft characters is by instance leveling, which pretty much means all the old leveling guides are obsolete. Thankfully, there are now some good instance leveling guides available, like Dugi’s Dungeon Leveling Guide. Let’s take a closer look at the major differences between traditional WoW leveling guides and the new instance leveling guide.

Instance Leveling

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