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PostHeaderIcon Feast Of Winter Veil WOW Guide

Feast Of Winter Veil WOW Event Guide 2010

The WOW Event – Feast Of Winter Veil – as started!

The Feast of Winter Veil runs from December 15 – January 2 and is celebrated by Alliance (Ironforge) and Horde (Orgrimmar).

You can find a full guide to the Feast Of Winter Veil WOW Event here!

And on this WOW Event there is a lot of things for you to do… Lets start:

First thing first - Feast Of Winter Veil – Festivities:

You will find Winter Revelers inside inns throughout the world located under a sprig of mistletoe.

All you need to do is /kiss a Reveler (it doesn’t matter which gender) and you will be rewarded with a token of their gratitude!

You use those tokens in various Winter Veil achievements – soyou will like to start geting them as sone as you can as you can only get one per hour!

The Winter Revelers tokens include: Mistletoe, Fresh Holly and Handful of Snowflakes.

Get Your Feast Of Winter Veil Crafting Recipes: 

Do you have Leatherworking or Tailoring? I know you are using Cooking! – So you can get this WOW Event recipes for your collection!

Pattern: Winter Boots

Pattern: Green Winter Clothes (Horde) or Pattern: Red Winter Clothes (Alliance)

Recipe: Hot Apple Cider

And you get tohse for free! Greatfather Winter send it to you  so look in your mailbox…

You can also buy those from the Feast Of Winter Veil vendors as well as 2 more cooking recipes:Recipe: Gingerbread Cookie, Recipe: Egg Nog.

Feast Of Winter Veil -Quests:

There are 9 Feast Of Winter Veil Quests you can do, and beside all the EXP and gold you can also get:

  • 10 Preserved Holly – which do not have a duration and can be used at any time throughout the year that can be used to change your ground or flying mount into a reindeer (yes, a flying reindeer)! Those sell well for a several gold on the WOW Auction House.
  • Recipe: Elixir of Frost Power (Alchemy)
  • Plans: Edge of Winter (Blacksmithing)
  • Formula: Enchant Weapon – Winter’s Might (Enchanting)
  • Schematic: Snowmaster 9000 (Engineering)
  • Pattern: Gloves of the Greatfather (Leatherworking)
  • Pattern: Green Holiday Shirt (Tailoring)

You can find a full Feast Of Winter Veil Quests WOW Guide here!

Feast Of Winter Veil – Achievements:

There are 13 Feast Of Winter Veil Achievements: Merrymaker, ‘Tis the Season, A Frosty Shake, Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho’s, Crashin’ & Thrashin’, Fa-la-la-la-Ogri’la, He Knows If You’ve Been Naughty, Let It Snow, On Metzen!, Scrooge, Simply Abominable, The Winter Veil Gourmet, With a Little Helper from My Friends.

You can find a full Feast Of Winter Veil AchievementsWOW Guide here!

Anyone say – Gift Giving?

You can’t have Feast Of Winter Veil without getting some gfts – rights?

Greatfather Winter’s presents can be found under Greatfather Winter’s tree from December 25 – January 2, don’t forget to get yours!

In previous years, they have included items such as the Jingling Bell, Snowman Kit and Mechanical Greench! There was a total of six presents, but maybe this year the 85 level will get one more… Who knows?

Feast Of Winter Veil WOW Pets:

You can find more ino on the Feast Of Winter Veil WOW pets on older post by Qston (will be open in a new window):

Want more out of Feast Of Winter Veil?

You can become “Festive Little Helper” by using the PX-238 Winter Wondervolt machines.

Snowball Fights – Not only you can get a all year supplyof Snowballs from vendors – cheap, but you can also get it from piles of Holiday Snow found on the ground in the Alterac Mountains, plus you have have snowball fghts with your friends and foes.

Feast Of Winter Veil items – Smokeywood Pastures food and drink vendors as well as Smokeywood Pastures “general goods”-style vendors can be found located near a faction’s Auction House in every major city. You can get:

Blended Bean Brew, Green Garden Tea, Sparkling Apple Cider, Holiday Cheesewheel, Graccu’s Homemade Meat Pie, Spicy Beefstick, Honeyed Holiday Ham, Steamwheedle Fizzy Spirits, Greatfather’s Winter Ale, Snowball, Blue Ribboned Wrapping Paper, Green Ribboned Wrapping Paper, Purple Ribboned Wrapping Paper, Holiday Spices, Holiday Spirits, Candy Cane and all the WOW Event recipes.

Get the free addon guide to Feast Of Winter Veil WOW Event!

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