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PostHeaderIcon Make Cool WOW Name Characters

Using Extended Ascii Characters in WOW For Making Cool Characters Names

Have you ever seen those chars with names that have strange and unusual letter in the name? Names like Çtañ or ÅÑton

Did you even wanted to make a weird or special looking name everyone will recognize and remember?

Here is how you do it:

All you need to do is use letters called Extended Ascii Characters when you pick your character name.

To get the letters you will need to press the Alt key and enter a number from the right side of your keyboard (the NUMBERPAD).

Most of the letter you can use are between 128 and 165, although you can find some nice symbols as well – don’t push it as a GM may make you change your name.

Table of useful Extended Ascii Characters:

128 Ç 136 ê 144 É 152 ÿ
129 ü 137 ë 145 æ 153 Ö
130 é 138 è 146 Æ 154 Ü
131 â 139 ï 147 ô 160 á
132 ä 140 î 148 ö 162 ó
133 à 141 ì 149 ò 163 ú
134 å 142 Ä 150 û 164 ñ
135 ç 143 Å 151 ù 165 Ñ

You can find a complete list searching google.

What is this good for?

Other then having a unique name, you can have several WOW characters with similar names, like: Qston and Qstoñ on the same server. You can get a character name that resembles a name of a friend or even a foe. Or just have fun seen others try to write your name…

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