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PostHeaderIcon The WOW Motorcycle – Coolest Items in World of Warcraft and How to Get Them Series

From WotLK expansion you can get a new mount in the form of a Motorcycle.

The motorcycle has two versions, one for the Alliance and one for the Horde. The Alliance version is called Mekgineer’s Chopper, the Horde version is called Mechano Hog. The two versions have differences in the appearance but other than that are identical. The Hog/Chopper mount can be build by Engineers with level 450. But it can be ride by any character as it’s not bending in pick up so it can be sold. This also means that you can have the two of them, if you can afford it.

The pattern for the Hog/Chopper is sold by Roxi Ramrocket (Goblin) in K3. And can be acquire only if you have exalted rep whit the right faction. For the Hog you will need to be exalted with Horde Expedition, and for the Chopper you will need to be exalted with Alliance Vanguard. So an engineer can only make one version (his on faction), but you can ride the other faction motorcycle.WOW-Hog-Chopper

The pattern cost 350 gold. The items needed to complete a motorcycle are:

  • Titansteel bars * 12
  • Artic fur * 2
  • Handful of Cobalt Bolts * 40

The prices of the above items vary from server to server but can go be price for an average of 3000 gold. You will also need three other items (Salvaged Iron Golem Parts, Elementium plated Exhaust Pipe and eight Goblin-machined Pistons). Those are vendor items that will cost you 12,500 gold all together. You can only buy them from the same vendor as the recipe and only if you trained yourself (use the recipe). So why you will want this very expensive mount? Way spend 16,000 gold at least and the time to find an engineer, or bid on the AH ? Even if you can do it yourself, you will still need to go to the vendor, and buy or gather the other items needed… First thing, think how cool it is to ride in one of those, you come in to a city and make all the noise of a real motorcycle as you go, you can be sure all eyes are on you. And what will you do with all your gold if not make others envy you. But that is not all, you get some more bonuses:

  • You can fall unlimited heights without taking damage as the motorcycle takes it for you (it can be time saving). See P.S.
  • You can have a passenger with you on the sidecart, so this is a ride for two!
  • Of course no passenger, no sidecart, so you get the pleasure of two different mount view.

That does not sound mach but you will get pleasure out of it. And yes it stack up with aspect of the pack. Some disadvantage however:

  • It takes 1.5 seconds to dismount, so no PVP with it. See P.S.
  • As all mount you cannot attack or loot but because of the 1.5 seconds dismount it will take you longer to farm with the motorcycle.


P.S – This is not true from the 3.1 patch.
Originally when launched it had the exact specs I mention, however after patch 3.1: you can no longer take long falls without damage.  You, the driver, takes all the damage.  So no more jumping of the highest mountains as you used to do. Also there is no more dismount cool down. It is immediate, which is good for for farming or pvp.  I personally would rather have the original in my opinion, and use another mount for raids, pvp, etc.


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